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Biodiversity Resources in Belgium

Attention: This project has been closed; this website is no longer updated (last update was done in 08/2004). A new system will be installed by the Belgian Science Policy. See for more information.

This website is an inventory of the resources concerning biodiversity available in Belgium. It is not limited to the biodiversity of the Belgian territory. The inventory concerns:


BIODIV also includes a list of reference literature on biodiversity,
announcement of events, news and other links related to biodiversity.

If you are doing biodiversity related research



The inventory is constructed as a relational database that can be consulted. See structure of the database for more information.
A search can be carried out to find the right specialists, institutions, addresses or any other information related to biodiversity you
might want to have (but never dared to ask).

At this stage BIODIV contains a lot of information available in Belgium. It is of interest to scientists, students, governmental organisations
and NGOs, developing countries in need of information...

The database is kept as up-to-date as possible
Please read carefully the information accompanying each part of the database, it will help you to make a successful search.

Brighten up your webpages: images and publication lists
The Coffee types ( a project of BIODIV )
The Plant Biodiversity of Katanga ( a project of BIODIV )

Collaboration of BIODIV and BioCISE


(Last update: 12/08/2004)

This project is an initiative of OSTC, the Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs.
It is carried out at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium at Meise.


   If you have any comments, please send a mail to the biodiv team (Guido Rappé, Alain Vander Velde).